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[Doolittle Raid X Sound System X 35-1 (Big Motor's Granddam)]

Stress Pending

24-3 is one of those boars that I think Kade needs to stop by again and take a look at. This boar has been seen by a few good hog men, and he's one they try to load on their trailer.

As I've tried to decide how to follow Hillbilly Bone, it's logical that with a double bred Doolittle crossed twice to 35-1 with a shot of Sound System, the fun thing to do would be to breed sows. Unless someone gets real crazy, 24-3 will fall in the footsteps of Hillbilly Bone and Big Motor and maintain our philosophy that it's more fun to breed than sell.

24-3 is an ideal blend between Hillbilly Bone and Big Motor. Opened up between his blades with a massive amount of muscle, backed with the Doolittle rib and flank on both sides of his pedigree. We believe this could be an awesome breeding hog.


29-3 (Solid Monster x 14-5)
Same dam as 24-3.
The littermate 29 barrow was a class winner at San Antonio!






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