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TOP HAND x 88-2 (Hillbilly Bone x 59-7)
Dam is Littermate to 88-6
(88-6 dam of Sound System & 54 litter boars)

Stress Negative

40-4 was bred with the same mindset as 24-3, but even more intense.  We took Top Hand, a son of Hillbilly Bone, and bred him to a direct daughter of Hillbilly Bone.  The 59-7 sow is the grandmother on the bottom and the great grandmother on the top side of the pedigree. 

It’s interesting that what you perceive when you hear comments of intense line or inbreeding. In humans, 8% of males that have some degree of colorblindness. But it’s very rare to find a colorblind woman. Reason being: the male has 1x chromosome. If it’s defective mutated colorblindness he will exhibit some degree of colorblindness, if a woman is carrying a normal copy on an x chromosome, she will have normal vision. So it appears the normal x chromosome is either dominant or has the ability to fix the mutation.  With that mindset we made the matings that resulted in 24-3 and 40-4.

Linebreeding or inbreeding, for  just the sake of doing so, will just line up mediocre genes, but to maintain the quality of the lead individuals, it’s logical that linebreeding or inbreeding is the only way to capture & maintain those genes.  Doolittle Raid had the ability to weigh 350 pounds at 6 months of age, his uniqueness and heaviness of structure, spring of rib, depth of flank, appetite, and still be in a loose structured package with that type of gain is something we felt was very rare.  Our attempt through using his sons & grandsons to maintain those qualities is represented through 24-3 and 40-4.





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