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Bad to the Bone

Bad to The Bone

Leased to McCoy
Stress Negative

We get asked quite often, “Why don’t you take boars out to shows?”  The boars we select to keep are raised under a normal commercial environment. We let the boar’s performance show us which ones are the unique ones.  Bad to the Bone, along with other boars we have raised, are the men amongst boys.

Sired by Doolittle Raid x Batman x 40-3 (Great grandmother of Hillbilly Bone), here’s another one of those pigs that you didn’t have to look hard to find in the buildings. Bad to the Bone carries many of Doolittle Raid’s strengths – natural spring of rib, mass & thickness in a comfortable package. He is moderate in his build, but still very functional. We turned down some pretty lucrative offers for this one as a 5 month old boar.

After siring the Grand at Dixie National, McCoy’s inquired about leasing Bad to The Bone. Contact Jim or Mike McCoy for use of this exciting sire!





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