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Big Motor

Big Motor

Littermate to Honky Tonk at McCoy's
Stress Carrier

At 3 days of age Daniel picked this one out, in the farrowing house. Throughout the grower finisher stage, he got more and more impressive. He was one a blind man could have found. Until he was 5 months old, Big Motor was named, “Daniel’s Boar”.

Kade came by when this guy was 5 months old and asked if we would price him. He said he had some interested parties looking for a unique herd sire.  Daniel & I talked it over, and determined that we couldn’t sell the boar. Upon telling Kade that the boar wouldn’t be for sale, he replied, “If you would have said yes, you wouldn’t have been calling him Daniel’s boar anymore.”

With that being said, Big Motor has not only met our expectations, but has far exceeded them.  This is a true breeding hog – most of the breeders who used this boar last fall, also bred sows to him this spring.

Big Motor’s Grandmother is one of our foundation females, 35-1. What’s interesting with 35-1, her great great grandmother was a Bullet daughter from 1996 that was one of the top gilts we raised in the 90’s. She had a lot of natural thickness, body & growth. Combining Hillbilly Bone on that bloodline, brings those qualities together on both sides of the pedigree.

35-5 - Littermate to Big Motor's granddam






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