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Cruz Control 43-1

Cruz Control

SUPERBEAST x 20-8(Unbelievable x Split Second x Space Monkey's Sister)
Stress Negative

If you go back and read the writeup on Superbeast, Cruz Control has all those characteristics and qualities and even more depth of pedigree on influential sows. Unbelievable’s daughters have done a nice job generating high quality animals. Split Second is a Fatal son out of Moyer’s foundation JLM 102 daughter (also the mother of Major Feat), crossed on Clay’s Space Monkey sister (purchased by Brent Bolen).

As you look at the 18’s out of Hillbilly Bone, and the sister’s to Cruz Control, you’ll see the uniqueness and depth of quality females that these genetics offer.  The challenge as a breeder should be to combine as many elite genes in a homozygous form without inferior qualities mixed in.  We’re excited to use these genetics with Hillbilly Bone and see how they will complement each other.


Sire of Cruz Control 43-1








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