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Sound System

Sound System


The challenge in breeding creates different mindsets. Some matings you see and feel the results fairly quick.  The ones that trouble me are the ones that I don’t appreciate quick enough.  Maybe it’s the nature of our hotrock on the block mindset of promoting boars, maybe it’s that we don’t appreciate the strengths of a maternal sire until we see the results of his daughters and granddaughters.  Thus is the case with Sound System. 

When purchased at a champion at the WTC in 2008 for 15,000 from Grimm’s, Sound System’s SPI was 97.3.  To date that number has rose to over 108, a pretty strong testimony in an era when people struggle to get Yorkshire sows to breed, farrow and raise pigs.  When you analyze his pedigree - Tank, Supreme Justice, Timepiece, and Bicep Rush - it challenges one to find a more prepotent Yorkshire boar to make quality productive sows. 

Analyze the picture of Sound System.  When I go to herds and see Sound System sows, I appreciate their looseness of structure, levelness of topline and hip, natural depth of flank, and just overall skeletal correctness and comfort with the kind of underlines Yorkshires should be known for. 

We’ve had more than our fair share of success and I’m thankful for that, but my one regret is that I should have promoted this boar harder. The sows in the Yorkshire breed would have been better if I would have. 

Sounds System will turn five in August, his semen quality and aggression is still very impressive for his age. If he’s one of those boars you’ve been considering using, don’t put it off too long. 





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