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Bred by Cody Peugh
Owned with Cody Peugh & Matt Rohrig

What a find at the 2011 SWTC! When Matt Rohrig and I came across Strut at Belton and dug into the extended pedigree on this guy, we knew we needed to own him. Strut is sired by the $44,000 On the Verge from the 2010 SWTC, who just sired the Champion Boar at the 2011 SWTC. From there Strut's dam is sired by Sound System (2008 SWTC Champion).

The Sound System sows have been doing an outstanding job and are quickly becoming some of our best! Behind the Sound System there is Super Power, Visionary, Absolute Power and several shots of Powerball. It all comes down to the females, and to say the least, Strut has some good sows behind him!

At Belton, Strut drove out with more power and flex than anything, all while being out on the corners, level designed, up headed with the attitude of a herd boar! With Strut's flexibility & design, and the sows laid in behind him, we are confident he will make the next generation of foundation females and with his added shape and look, his barrows are sure to be competitive as well!





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