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Big Motor



Here is a boar that offers a lesson in form & function when you turn him loose. Combine this with the influential sows in his pedigree, he offers some real uniqueness as a breeding piece.
One of the interesting things when you are in a business for a number of years, you build an intuition, I can remember Al Christian in 1990 telling me that we should go to Waldridge’s and buy a boar. I admired him for his ability to not only see and breed animals, but he could feel where those trends were going. There’s not much doubt in my mind today, that this trend is moving towards look, extension, and prettiness.  We all love show pigs that have those things, but 10 years ago, seeking those characteristics got us some of the most unproductive hogs we’ve ever bred.  It scares me to see some of the selection criteria placed on non-performance characteristics as a priority.  Our hope is that by taking the Superbeast line crossed with the production characteristics of Hillbilly Bone, that we can capture the good in some of both.

Superbeast’s mother, GIDGET, was the mother of toxic and one of the unique super 7 sows to come out of the RW Genetics program.  Yankee Monkey (Space Monkey son x Clay’s old Monkey Breath Sow) x 106-5 (One of Brinning’s foundation alias daughter is the mother of the gilt that won the Iowa State Fair in 2006, her littermate sister produced the barrow that won the 2005 State Fair of Texas.

As you look through the offspring that carry Superbeast’s genetics, you’ll see the structure the design the show ring presence evident by length of front, levelness of design, and that comfortable stride that creates a show ring presence that shows the influence of these 3 foundation females from top 3 breeding programs.



Dammed by Superbeast daughter

Superbeast x Trainwreck x 40-2 (littermate to Hillbilly's Great Grandmother)



Superbeast daughter. Mother of the 18 litter!




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